Formerly an aircraft engineer, I made the career switch to financial consulting 7 years ago and have not looked back since. To me, the industry is the best showcase of one’s belief in doing good for others. In my role as a financial consultant, I don’t seek to only take care of my clients’ policies; I consider their financial portfolio holistically to provide professional advice on growth areas. As such, I am also an Associate Reit Investment Advisor (ARIA), Associate Estate Planning Practitioner, and certified in Retirement Adequacy Planning (REAP). Thus far, my accolades include the International Dragon Bronze Award 2020, 2021 (Agent Category), Million Dollar Round Table 2021, 2022, AIA FA Top Associate Director 2020 — 1st Runner Up, member of AIA FA Pinnacle Club 2021 (Gold Unit) and AIA FA Prestige Club 2020, 2021, 2022 (Titanium) and 100 IDA Team Award 2021.

Always remain goal-oriented.
Financial consultants no longer act as mere middlemen. We are professionals who provide financial planning advice and execute solutions that help clients achieve their financial goals. That is why our role in the industry has evolved beyond selling just policies; we now take care of finances as a whole.

Be sincere to your clients and teammates.
For everything that I do, I believe in doing it from the heart. We need to be sincere in our day to day work, as we directly contribute to the quality of our clients’ lives through financial planning. Likewise, as a leader, we also have to be sincere to our teammates as different team members have different needs and goals. We have to look out for each member and cater to their needs so that they can also achieve their professional goals.

Stay true to your compass.
As a leader grooming financial consultants, I always encourage newcomers to be prepared for the long haul, as the start is always tough. However, one should never deviate from his or her compass of serving the best interests of their clients, as that would yield them rewards in the long run. Ultimately, my motivation as a leader is to groom the next generation of leaders who will stretch the frontier of professionalism in the industry.

Clubs & Awards


1st Runner-up
Associate Director

Awarded to
Yin Weijie

Awarded to



Awarded to

Yin WeijiE

Qualifying Member Of The
Million Dollar Round Table


1st Runner-up, Top Associate Director 2020

Top Associate Director (Affluent and High Net Worth) 2019

AIA FA Prestige Club – Gold 2023

AIA FA Pinnacle Club (Unit) 2022

AIA FA Prestige Titanium Club 2022, 2021 and 2020

AIA FA Pinnacle Club (Gold Unit) 2021

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Associate Director) 2020

Million Dollar Round Table 2023, 2022 and 2021

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2021 and 2020

100 IDA Team Award 2021 and 2020

Associate Reit Investment Advisor (ARIA)

Certificate in Retirement Adequency Planning (Cert. REAP)

Associate Estate Planning Practitioner

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering)


Eugene Leong

Weijie is a credible, trustworthy, dependable, patient and dedicated financial consultant who is knowledgeable in the field of both insurance and investment products. He provides honest and transparent advice when it comes down to what is best for you and your family. I love to question in detail about what I purchase and I am impressed with how he has handled all my queries patiently and professional manner.

Goh Swee Sheng

We are very lucky to have Weijie as our family’s financial consultant. I highly recommend him for any insurance policy you may need. Weijie is very helpful, nice to talk to, friendly and professional. He also helped to summarise whatever policies that we have to accurately identify any gaps that we may have. He is also good at explaining my family’s insurance planning, taking into consideration current and future plans. I would highly recommend his services!


Sincerity, professionalism, patient and genuine. These are the words I used to describe Weijie. A detailed review was done for my whole family. Not only was he able to identify the gaps which were lacking, but he was able to understand our financial objectives, and align them accordingly. I would highly recommend his services!


Pleasure to have met Weijie a couple of years back. He has always been reliable in terms of following up and having strong product knowledge hence providing useful financial management and investment advice. What I like about Weijie is that he is sincere and able to provide honest comments when he reviews the policies for my family. He is always patient in explaining and keeps me updated. Appreciate that he always runs the extra mile, and would definitely recommend Weijie to anyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy financial consultant.


Weijie shows professionalism and is able to provide me with sound advice in financial planning. He took time to understand the existing policies that I have and highlighted areas that I might be lacking. At no time do I feel that he is trying to hard-sell me a product. He is someone that I feel very comfortable with and would highly recommend.


WeiJie is a great leader who guides us to the right track and constantly keeps track of each of our progress to ensure that no one is left behind. He is a tactful person who closely monitors not just our work performance but also emotional struggles we might be having, and he is always there when we need a helping hand. With his constant encouragement and support, our team is expanding rapidly. I am really thankful to be under good hands as I am sure he will be able to bring us all to much greater heights.


WeiJie is a very kind and patient leader. As the pandemic affected my previous job and family greatly, he lent me a helping hand by guiding me to set my directions and goals in this new industry. He showed me that with the right mindset and hard work, I can achieve my goals. Through training and sharing sessions, he always makes sure that everyone is involved and no one is left behind. As his associate, I can tell that he’s very passionate about serving and adding value to people’s lives. I look forward to working with WeiJie and I believe under his guidance, the team will achieve even more.

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