I embarked on my journey in financial advisory in January 2011, initially coming from the shipping sector where I learned the value of selecting a career with significant growth potential. My transition to AIA in December 2019 and subsequent promotion to director in April 2020/2023 were driven by my belief in the insurance career as a rewarding and purposeful path with clear career progression. This career not only allows me to build lasting relationships with clients but also helps them to construct solid financial foundations for a fearless life.

My ultimate career goal is to profoundly impact every person who has placed their trust in me — both clients and consultants. For clients, it’s about inspiring and motivating them to undertake thorough financial planning, which I believe empowers them to lead confident, unencumbered lives. For my team of consultants, many of whom have made significant career shifts to join me, my focus is on character building and skill development, enabling them to fully embrace and benefit from the opportunities our industry offers. My ongoing mission is to nurture and develop leaders within our field, continuing to learn and care for every individual I encounter along the way.

What continually motivates me as both a consultant and a leader is witnessing the transformative journey of my clients and team members as they free themselves from fear and embrace purpose-driven lives. Observing these moments of growth and courage daily fuels my passion and dedication to this profession.

Being a financial consultant has significantly enriched my life, enhancing my abilities in communication, problem-solving, and relationship mediation. These skills permeate all areas of my life, making me a more filial son and a committed husband, reflecting the core values I’ve acquired through my career.

The essential trait for a financial consultant, in my view, is the capacity to love both themselves and others. This love translates into a profound understanding of the responsibilities that come with our role, recognising that every policy sold is rooted in a client’s love and care for their loved ones or themselves. Consultants who possess this trait naturally seek personal growth, maintain their health, and cultivate habits that position them as role models for their clients.

To those considering this profession, I advise not waiting for perfect conditions to align. Challenge your current perspectives and consider what truly brings long-term happiness and fulfillment. Reflect on whether you are living up to your full potential and be ready to accept the consequences if you aren’t. Remember the words of Hoo Yuan Shyaun: “If you don’t know what you want, you will always get what you don’t want.”


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