I began my career in the financial industry in January 2019 and joined AIA FA in April 2023. My path to becoming a financial consultant was deeply personal and motivated by two significant experiences. Growing up in a family constantly embroiled in financial disputes, I moved out at the age of 15, determined to take control of my life and escape the relentless quarreling about money. This early independence taught me that hard work alone isn’t sufficient; it must be coupled with sound financial planning to truly master your destiny.

Another pivotal moment came just before I could legally enter this industry. A close friend from secondary school, whom I had been catching up with via Instagram, unexpectedly took his life due to financial pressures. This tragedy occurred without any apparent warning signs, leaving me with profound guilt and the painful realisation that people often hide their deepest struggles. This experience has instilled in me a commitment to look beyond the surface and truly understand the challenges people face, reinforcing my desire to help others manage their financial stress effectively.

What keeps me motivated as a financial consultant and leader is the appreciation I receive from my clients. Each message of gratitude reaffirms the positive impact of my work on their lives and fuels my passion to continue in this role.

The most important trait for a financial consultant, in my view, is genuineness. Authenticity in our interactions ensures that clients feel valued and understood, which is crucial for building trust and effective relationships. Being genuine means providing advice that truly serves the best interests of those we help, fostering long-term connections based on sincerity and mutual respect.


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