I began my journey in the financial advisory industry in May 2018 and quickly progressed, being promoted to Financial Services Manager in July 2022 and then to Associate Director in July 2023. My transition from public service as an Airforce Engineer with the Republic of Singapore Airforce was catalysed by a meeting with Christopher Ong, who introduced me to his vision of empowering 100,000 lives.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career has been the relationships I’ve built with the hundreds of families I’ve assisted. The smiles on their faces, their heartfelt gratitude, and witnessing their care for each other’s well-being, dreams, and aspirations have deeply reinforced my commitment to this profession. These moments of genuine connection underscore the importance of every effort I make towards achieving my goal of safeguarding 10,000 families.

I firmly believe that the role of a financial consultant is evergreen. In wealth management, the continuous creation of wealth in our nation necessitates expert guidance to manage these assets effectively. Additionally, in risk management, particularly in health and medical planning, insurance remains a fundamental tool for individuals and businesses alike.

For those new to this industry, it is essential to embrace entrepreneurship. Understanding that this career is not just a job but a personal business venture can transform how one approaches the role, focusing on innovation, personal responsibility, and strategic planning.

In recruitment, the most crucial trait I look for in potential financial consultants is a genuine heart to serve and help families. It’s important that our motivations are robust and deeply rooted because these intentions shape how effectively we can serve our clients. Understanding and conveying the true essence of our work helps to align expectations and fosters a more committed and passionate approach to this career.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Silver) 2024
Million Dollar Round Table 2024


B.Eng (Electrical) NUS



Chris is the most sincere and helpful financial advisor you will ever meet. Chris has been my family’s financial adviser for half a decade now, and his best quality is his sincerity in helping me achieve my financial goals. He patiently understood my needs, and carefully explained the various products that could meet my needs. It was clear to me that he did his sales based on what I needed, and not based on sales targets or incentives. Chris is also way more helpful than he needs to be. Besides the usual claims and reviews that you would expect from any financial advisor, he’s also helped me with tax advice, and explanations of products he doesn’t even sell. The most helpful thing is the way Chris summarizes my various insurance and investment products into a simple, easy to understand snapshot. Trust me, his organization skills are top notch. What’s more, he did the same for my mum with the various policies she’s built up over the years, despite the fact that she’s not going to buy more financial products at her age. If you feel like you don’t know why you’re paying for all the financial products you own, or you don’t fully trust that you need them, or you just want a second opinion on your finances, Chris is gonna be an absolute gem for you.

Stephanie & Harris

Liyuan has been really helpful and sincere in providing financial advice to my husband and I. We often engaged in long talks and he is very willing to explain in great details on things that we do not understand and guide us in all the details. We feel very assured by letting him handle our policies and knowing that he will be there to help us. His passion for financial planning is shown clearly and this comforts us greatly as we know that we can work together in the years to come.

Benedict Chong

Chris has provided great financial advice and strategies for my financial planning. He is well versed in his financial products and is more than willing to go through the details to compare the products from various companies and provide the best for you. He is patient in finding out your needs and wants to customize a best fit solution. He is genuine in his intentions and will provide a solution to the best of his abilities. I have benefited well from his services. He has taken the time to explain the various financial products that I currently have, compared various new products that I expressed interest in and helped me to arrive at a well-informed decision. I will definitely recommend him to provide financial advice to my loved ones.

Clement Foo

As a compliment, I love how Chris supported me throughout the whole planning journey with open conversations. Whenever I’m unsure, Chris will give good tips, for me to consider along the various good parameters, & help in reducing blindspots. I’m able to make very informed decisions across all aspect of financial planning. Above and beyond, Chris would volunteer to help consolidate & file all my policies.


I sincerely wanted to thank you for the help that you provided in settling my claims with AIA. It was heartwarming to see your concern for your clients needs. You were extremely prompt and swiftly managed the claims process for us. I would like you to know that we truly appreciate your hard work in assisting us in this very crucial recovery period. You not only came to our rescue when needed but also provided us with regular updates regarding our claims. I am sure AIA is very fortunate to have such a good worker in you. I hope that you keep up the good work and continue to support your clients. Once again, a heartfelt thank you for helping us out.

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